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Guangzhou Newlife Magnet Electricity Co., Ltd., established in 1998, specializes in developing and producing magnetic material, electronic ceramic materials and devices . After decades of development, Newlife becomes the largest supplier of magnetic material and a famous supplier of electronic components all over the world. 

Newlife has a worldwide group. We have a headquarter and a factory zone in Guangzhou China, and subsidiary corporations in Vietnam, Hong Kong and USA, with total production and office area over 70,000M2, more than 800 employees, and annual output of 20,000 tons of magnetic material.

Newlife's R&D team has 80 members of bachelors, masters and senior engineers, including a dozen of senior engineers with 20 years experience in magnetic area. We invest R&D from raw powder material to finished product, from formula to production process; nowadays, we have the most comprehensive technologies and producing capability.

Newlife's R&D center has a series of experimental facilities and test equipments, including SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope), LPA (Laser Particle Analyzer), FTG (Fluorescence Thickness Gauge), X-ray Diffraction and etc. Newlife's Functional Material Research Center was awarded as THE MUNICIPAL TECHNOLOGY CENTER of Guangzhou city in 2014.

Newlife's products are specialized on two main applications, industrial and civil.

Newlife's industrial products mainly focus on the peripheral products of mobile phone and micro-motor, such as ring varistor, high density alloy, NTC, High energy ray protection materials & wireless power, medical x-rays shielding film, radiation shielding film ect. Our industrial products are very popular with the high quality, competitive price and perfect service. We are proud to supply for many well-known enterprises, such as Sansung, Sanyo, Nidec, Mabuchi and Foxconn ect. Our ring varistor monthly output is around 100 million pieces, which became the world's top 3 varistor manufacture.