Newlife won the title of "Advanced and Sophisticated" enterprise in Guangzhou 2021

2022-03-14 10:22:57 admin 24

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       The launch conference and awarding event of 2021 Guangzhou "Unicorn" Innovative Enterprises was held in Guangzhou on February 28. Newlife has been successfully selected as the "Advanced" enterprise of 2021 Guangzhou with its world-leading R&D and manufacturing level in flexible magnets and lead-free ionizing radiation protection materials.

       Newlife is not only the world's leading manufacturer of flexible magnets, but also continues to develop innovative applications of magnetic materials in a variety of fields and industries to provide competitive and valuable products to our partners and customers.

Lead-free ionizing radiation protection material is the other proud product of Newlife. Recently, it has passed the evaluation and acceptance of scientific and technological achievements by authoritative institutions at a high level, and the overall technical indicators have reached the leading domestic and international advanced level.